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Drain / Sewer Pipe Relining & Repair Lincoln, Grimsby & Boston

Pipe Relining Lincoln

No-dig pipe or patch relining can be carried out to prevent unnecessary excavations. Different types of damage that can use this technique include;

  • Ingress of tree roots that can be cut out and removed
  • Voids creating broken pipes
  • Open joints to prevent the escape of water

No-dig pipe or patch relining is ideal where an excavation is impractical or impossible due to its location i.e. under a building or due to its depth. When carrying out drain relining different lining techniques are available to suit different applications.

No-dig pipe re-rounding

"Pitch fibre pipes were mostly used from the 1950s to the early 1970s as they were relatively inexpensive and easy to handle and install". After many years many pipes will begin to deteriorate causing pipes to become deformed in their shape and blistering will begin. These deformity mentioned cause many blockages and eventually will bring the drain to full close leaving the drain system non functional. Pitch fibre pipes will 'squash' over time dependant on the installation and load placed on the pipe.

No-dig pipe re-rounding can be used to reform the inside of the pipe. A re-rounder is winched from the manhole or access point and as it travels inside the drain sending re-rounds the pipe and then allows a liner to be installed to strengthen the re-rounded original pipe.

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